June 26th, 1pm-10pm

Art Out Loud Festival is a no-charge arts festival of mini performances by Saskatchewan Theatre Artists. This is an all ages event and the Globe Theatre is excited to bring a celebration of arts and culture to downtown Regina! We want to provide a safe environment for all and request that attendees book an arrival time to mitigate crowd sizes.

Support Our Efforts

The Globe Theatre is a non-profit organization and this festival is a free of charge event to bring the celebration of arts and culture to our community. The arts sector has been hit hard during the COVID19 Pandemic and our organization has faced many challenges. If you have the means, please support us in our efforts as we navigate then changes our world has faced and continue to strive to bring our community the best that the arts has to offer.


The Globe Theatre is pleased to bring this festival to you on June 26th. We have been closely monitoring the COVID19 situation and government mandated regulations and are confident that we can provide you a safe way to enjoy and connect with arts and culture in the heart of our downtown. We trust in our patrons to be responsible and follow all SHA Guidelines such as masking & social distancing where mandated, and ask that all of our patrons to be masked while enjoying our festival. We trust in our community to support us in providing a safe and inclusive environment for all patrons.