Welcome to Art Out Loud

a Festival of Mini Performances

On Saturday, June 26 Globe Theatre offers the residents and visitors of Regina an afternoon of mini-theatre performances built to reconvene our community after a long time apart and in such a way to keep us safe and healthy.

The Globe Theatre partnered with over 65 theatre makers to create short works that could be ‘displayed’ for audiences to attend and enjoy at their own pace.

Listen to a radio drama in a restaurant or use your headphones to hear original stories as you make your way through a walking tour. Kris Alvarez sets up a booth to ask your advice on a number of pressing issues and Greg Ochitwa will create a rap performance – just for you.

Most of the performances take place downtown in various locations; Victoria Park, along Scarth Street and in the Cornwall Centre. We also have satellite exhibits in Lakeview, Glencairn and on CJTR Radio.

To experience the festival, check out the “Plan Your Day” page on the website or pick up a playbill & map from the onsite info booth.

Most of the audio events are accessed with your phone and a series of QR codes. There are hosts and ushers on site to guide audiences through the various locations.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” is a proverb that you’re probably familiar with. One of the ways that theatre artists found themselves adapting was by making art at a distance and collaborating on works that spanned neighbourhoods, cities, provinces, and even countries in their efforts.

By taking a tour of our free festival, you will discover the virtuosity of the artist’s spirit. Imagination and necessity merge to create a cornucopia of theatrical delights.

Jennifer Brewin & Sierra Haynes
Artistic Directors – Art Out Loud