When & What Time?

June 26th from 1pm-10pm in and around Victoria Park Downtown. There is a variety of art and audio installations provided by theatre artists from across the country. These performances will continue & repeat throughout the day, so no matter what time you show up – you are able to enjoy all the festival has to offer! The experience for the audience borrows from the Art Gallery model, where there will be a variety of performances at different locations that can be attended at your own pace.

Partner Events

  • a festival of ten-minute performances will join us with open air screenings of the collection of works.

  • a public art installation project supported by the National Arts Centre and Globe Theatre is brought to life by Canada’s Narrative Design Collective. A special project about connection and community.

  • kawingjemeesh/shake hands at the Dunlop Art Gallery. Exploring how disability can affect or change the ways we gain access to knowledge.

Food & Drink

There will be a variety of food trucks that can be found on the Plaza in downtown Regina on the day of the festival. They will be adjacent to the festival from 2pm onward. Also, don’t forget that the Regina Farmers Market will be on the Plaza that morning from 9am-1pm!

Four local restaurants will also have listening parties in nearby restaurants where groups can gather at a distance and enjoy beverages and a meal to hear exciting recordings.

Parking & Directions

This festival is throughout the downtown area, we have installations in the Cornwall Centre, down Scarth Street and scattered throughout Victoria Park! All downtown weekend parking regulations apply to this festival including parkades and meters being at your own expense and subject to ticketing if not complied with.

There are many options for downtown parking – click here for more information!

Once at the festival, you can follow wayfinding signage to make your way through the installations, and don’t forget to grab a playbill with a map from our Info Booth in Victoria Park!

Wheelchair Accessibility

Most of our performances and installations are wheelchair friendly. If you require any additional accommodations please contact the Box Office prior to the event or visit the Info Booth on June 26th.

Media Disclosure

This event will be photographed and recorded.

By attending the event, individuals are deemed to consent to the recording of their image and use of their image in connection with recordings and photographs of the event, which may be published.

All video recordings and images of the event captured by the organizers shall be the sole property of organizers and all rights of personality, publicity, privacy, or other rights of participants in recordings or photographs shall be deemed to have been waived.