• Nicole Bear
  • Finn Burke Eggertson
    Performer / Bass
  • Kelsey Culbert
  • Maria Doyle
  • Traci Foster
  • John Loeppky
  • Shelby Lyn Lowe
    Stage Manager
  • Bongani Musa
  • Ed Peck
    Musical Director / Drums
  • Shaylee Rosnes
  • Emil Schmuck
    Performer / Harmonica
  • Natasha Urkow
    Performer / Assistant Director
  • Ammanda Zelinski
    Performer / Vocals / Piano

Listen To Dis’ Mine to Have

Mine to Have is an intimate journey into the lives of people living within the scope of otherand their personal quest for love, care and companionship. This exploration of how these relationships flourish, fall apart and survive invites you into the world of being in these so called broken bodies and minds, bringing you out with a new understanding of living in the contemporary world of disability.

It’s about love.

It’s about pain.

It’s about patience.

A show about the pleasure of experiencing all of this and more in disabled bodies and minds.