The Bicycle and the Tree

Six short audio works from the people who saw it happen or think they saw it happen.

Created by Kris Alvarez, Sarah Bergbusch, Jennifer Brewin, Sierra Haynes, Aren Okemaysim, and Jayden Pfeifer

Sound Design by Patrick Andrews and Aren Okeymasim

A person on a bike runs into a tree in Victoria Park and disappears. Is this the start of a joke?  Or maybe it’s science fiction or fantasy lit? Perhaps a mystery, a tragic tale, or a ‘coming of age’ story?

Six witnesses record their experience with the mishap. Hear their accounts from the spot where they saw the bike and the tree collide.

Listen to them in any order to construct your own version of events and then ask yourself, who are these six characters and how does this event connect them in time and space forever?  What happens next?

The Bicycle and The Tree  is composed of six short monologues between 2- 3 minutes in length.

Located at the south west corner of the park. Look for the bicycle on the ground near the the tree.

Bring your phone and headsets and access them through the QR codes posted around the site.