• Skyler Anderson – Co-creator/Storyteller
  • Greg Ochitwa – Co-creator/Director
  • Aren Okemaysim – Recording Engineer
  • Patrick Andrews – Audio Engineer
  • TopWise & AK Productions – Music (Holdin’ Onto What’s Golden, features the song All I Need Recorded and Performed by TopWise & AK Productions)

Thank you to the Globe Theatre and the University of Regina for their continued support of this project.

Holdin’ Onto What’s Golden

An Audio/Walking Show

Having just moved to Glencairn in the summer before Grade 4, Sky finds himself in a fresh and unwelcoming territory. Surrounded by racism for the first time, he latches onto a group of friends purely for survival. He is forced to toughen up, and to grow up fast on a journey to discover what true friendship is and what it means to be indigenous.

Based on Sky’s own lived experience growing up on the east side of Regina, Holdin’ Onto What’s Golden is a story that navigates racism, bullying and friendship.

This audio/walking show, will give audiences the chance to walk through the exact area of Glencairn where Sky grew up, all while listening along to audio recordings of his coming of age story. Audiences will also have the option of simply listening to the audio.

Bring your phone and headsets from 1pm-9pm on Saturday to access the tour through the QR codes posted around the site. 

Or, sign up below for one of 3 live walking shows happening Friday, June 25 @ 7pm; Sunday, June 27 @ 2pm;  and Sunday, June 27 @ 7pm.

This tour starts at Judge Bryant School (2828 Dewdney Avenue East).